Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Kids Koner- Making flags

Our flag
Today project is an easy one and fun one. I am right now working with 4 kids from 11years old to 1 year old. Coming up with project everyone can do is hard.
Today we made flag. My 11 year look at me like real. But I kept it interesting by asking questions. 
All you need is 
White paper
Red and blue paint 

You  cut the paper in a rectangle. I blocked off a square in the corner. 
After that I helped the baby paint 6 red lines. I also asked why there were 13 lines. Older one made there own lines

Then I let the kids make finger prints in blue paint in the square.  I ask how many stars are there and why. 

Getting it ready to put together

We glued the to the back of the flag and turned over a little piece of the paper to hold it in place. 

This was a fun way to make decorations for Independence Day! What decorations are you making?


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