Sunday, July 14, 2013

Daily Goals ~ Sunday, July 14th, 2013

Rain Again?

During the weekend, I try so hard to get in the garden. Looks like rain, but hoping it holds off until later tonight. I’m going to ask my little one to help e weed today. That way we can spend time talking and still getting work done.

Today's Goals

1.    Gardening ~ Weed deck box, today I want to clean out deck area and maybe plant some kale in that area.

2.    Gardening goals~ Weed driveway triangle boxes, everything is trying to grow there and the weeds are over taking the area.

It is a mess

3.    Gardening ~ Weed the driveway box. The purple cabbage is coming nicely I just want to clean up the area.

4.   Gardening ~ Weed the herb box

5.    Cleaning~ Start to pick up the house

Yesterday’s Goals
Look at all those raspberries
1.    Gardening - I'm going to take my little one around to pick raspberries. I can't wait to pick her up and go. There are many places around me that you can pick wild raspberries. ~ Done we picked over 2lbs

Peas are gone
2.    Gardening- I'm going to work on my weekly goal, cleaning up pea area and planting fall crops. ~ Done, area is re planted with kohlrabi, Swiss chard, mustard, corn salad, beets, and carrots. I have room still for peas and radish in two weeks.

3.    Gardening- I'm going to work on my weekly goal, harvest carrots and plant some fall carrots. This was the first year I have seen carrots! I’m so excited. ~ I didn’t get as many as I would like, but I did leave some in to get bigger. I’ hoping the potted carrots do better.
Potato I found you
4.   Gardening- I'm going to work on my weekly goal, I'm going to harvest some little potatoes. They will be great for rosemary potatoes. ~ Mmmm I can’t wait to cook with them!

5.    Camping- My little one and I are going to have a camping night tonight. It will be a girl thing. ~ We didn’t get to go camping to hot and humid out, but we spent the night watching movies and hang out in bed. I love our one on one time!

What are you doing today? How did your goals from yesterday go?

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