Monday, July 15, 2013

Gardening Goals -peas

My pea box is out of control
I worked on two of My Weekly Gardening Goals - peas and carrots. The goal was to clean up the peas and start to plant so of my fall plants. 

I went though the box and started to pull everything out. I had yellow squash, radish, carrots, and peas in the box. I pulled out all the peas and plant kohlrabi and Swiss Chard in the box. After that I pull out a lot of the radish and planted mustard and beets in there planted them.  I did leave about 4 radish in the box to save the seeds. 

After that I pulled 1/2 my carrots. I left the other half grow so they get bigger. I did plant more carrots and corn salad in that area! 

Once my yellow squash are done growing I will pull them and plant my peas and radish. 

Nice and clean and planted for fall
Having plants grow in the box all season long help me provide food for my family and help put nutrients back into the soil. 

What are you doing in you garden?

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