Thursday, July 18, 2013

Daily Goals ~ Thurday, July 18th, 2013

I ended up pushing myself to get up early this morning. I like having the extra time to work on the blog. I also have already feed the pets, did wash and ready to go to work. It is nice to be a head.

I love the yellow pumpkin flowers in the garden

Today's Goals

1.     Work - I have work from 8am-6pm. It is my last day before vacation. I’m excited to have the week off to work on the house before we leave to SC for our4 day vacation.

2.    Vacation Prep - Write a list of things Cass need to pack before she heads to her dad’s so she is ready for our trip.

3.    Gardening - research how to harvest garlic. I think mine is ready to harvest, but I have never done it before. 

4.    Gardening - Walk around the garden, and figure out what my goals are next week.
     5.    Couponing – Write post on awesome deals, I got this week.

I had a great day. I got a lot of the goals done which is great. I hope you had a wonderful day too. How did you do on  your goals?
Can you tell there are shops less then a mile away?

Yesterday’s Goals

1.     Work- I have to be in early. I work from 7:15am-6pm. ~ I got out around 5:30pm it was nice to get home and listen to a little Dr. Laura on the way home.

2.    Art Class- we found this awesome local art class. It $1 a kid, and the projects are cute. They read a story and sing with the kids. I love it. The kids love it too. We then have a picnic and play at the park area. It nice. ~ We had a wonderful time! Kids made fish.

3.    Make dinner- I'm cooking chicken for my boss, and we have a steak marinating at home.  Hubby going to grill it when I'm on my way home. ~ I cooked dinner for my boss and dinner was ready for me when I got home! Hubby is awesome!

4.    Shopping- Go to Family Dollar. I have $6 to the store I have to use today. I also have to check my Walgreen money and us it if I have too. I made it to the store I’ll post about my awesome deal tonight.

5.    Gardening~ Figure out weekly goals and post them. I figured them out but haven’t posted them, sorry.

It so pretty. Hoping to make flavored butter with it!

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