Monday, July 15, 2013

Daily Goals ~ Monday, July 15,2013

It looks so nice out

Back to work today, not much planned to do. We have library and it looks nice maybe some water play. What are you doing today? Already have the wash going and need to start the dishes.

Today's Goals
       1.     Cooking ~ Make menu for the week

2.    Library ~ Take Little one to library class

3.    Work ~ I work from 8-6 today. One of the little ones are sick today.

4.    Gardening ~ Walk around and find stand water and dump it. If water needs to be there, add new clean water.

5.    Gardening~ Figure out weekly goals and post them.
I love it when its cleaned up

Yesterday’s Goals

1.     Gardening ~ Weed deck box, today I want to clean out deck area and maybe plant some kale in that area. ~ It was just too hot.

2.    Gardening goals~ Weed driveway triangle boxes, everything is trying to grow there and the weeds are over taking the area.

3.    Gardening ~ Weed the driveway box. The purple cabbage is coming nicely I just want to clean up the area.

4.    Gardening ~ Weed the herb box ~ It was just too hot

5.    Cleaning~ Start to pick up the house. ~ I hung out with the girls while they were in the pool.
It cleaned up so much nicer

I didn’t get as much done as I want to but got a chance to work on the blog and do some research while sitting by the pool. How did you do on your goals?

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