Monday, July 1, 2013

Gardening- 7 and 8 Weeks After Last Frost- Harvesting Radish Seedpods

This week I'm working though 7 and 8 Weeks After My Last Frost - Weekly Goals. I took some time out of my weekend to harvest some radish seedpods. I didn't pick them all though because I want them to turn to seed, and harvest for my fall planting. 
Radish Seedpods
Harvest the seedpods are pretty easy. All you is pick the pods and pinch them off. 

Just pinch them off
I then weight them. They can be add to salads or stir-fries. 

I love my scale

Here is an awesome sites that explain more about cooking with them Radish Pods and COLONIAL ERA FOODS: RAT-TAILED RADISH©. It is so neat to eat what they did back in the day. My little one described them as sweeter than radish but same flavor. I'm in trouble because she loved them and I want some seeds.

Hope you have fun cooking with your new veggie out of the garden!

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