Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Daily Goals ~ Tuesday, July 9th, 2013

I love this veiw
There is so much to do and never enough time. Do you ever feel that way? I let myself sleep in and I feel so behind. Here the goals for today. Now off to feed the pets, prep dinner, to change the wash up, and take a shower. Hopeful the day slows down today.
The cucumebers are coming up!

Today’s Goals
1.     Work~ I work from 8-6 today. I have all three, this afternoon might be busy. Working on farm animals this week.
2.    Gym~ I need together there. Hoping that if hubby makes dinner before I get home we can get there. Yes! Hubby is cooking tonight, I’m so lucky!
3.    Gardening~ work on my cucumber goal “Cucumber - I have two goals with them this week, one is to reroute them. I also want to check on them and make sure they don't have striped cucumber beetles on them
4.    Cleaning- finish cleaning half the kitchen and start to organize the cabinets.
5.    Gardening ~ Plant the eggplant plant for my boss
Yesterdays raspberries

Yesterday's goals
1. Work ~ I work from 8-6 today. We have library so it should be great. – I had a wonderful day!
2. Gardening ~ I don’t know if I will be able to get in the garden. This morning I’m hoping to pick some raspberries. – it finished this a took them to work! Little ones loved them.
3. Gym ~ I’m hoping hubby and I can get there tonight. – We didn’t get to the gym, I end up having to stop after work to grab something to go with dinner. We didn’t eat until 7:45.
4. Gardening ~ Write weekly goals and post it. I done and you can check it out here Gardening- 9 Weeks After Last Frost- Weekly Goals
5. Personal ~ Come up with weekly menu, I have no idea what we are doing this week for dinner HHHmmm, Pinstrest here I come. ` Menu is don’t hoping to post it today
4 out of 5 of the goals aren’t bad. I need to push myself to get to the gym. It is crazy busy, but I need to get there. How did you do on your goals yesterday?

Girls coming to see me

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