Monday, July 29, 2013

Cooking ~ Meal Plan for 07/29/2013 - 08/04/2013

This week my little one is with me until Friday. We also have a little guest in our house my nephew is with us for a week. I guess this is the true test if we really want to have a baby baby all over again. Therefore dinner this week isn't going to be to fancy. Easier the better for this week.

Jul 29 -◦ Monday
Roast (Dinner)

Jul 30 -◦ Tuesday
Pancakes (Breakfast)
Chicken Nuggets (Lunch)
Peanut Butter And Honey Sandwich (Lunch)
Leftover (Lunch)

Jul 31 -◦ Wednesday
Carrots (Lunch)
Blueberries (Lunch)
Chicken Enchiladas (Dinner)

Aug 01 -◦ Thursday
Cereal (Breakfast)
Pizza (Lunch)
Lasanga Cups (Lunch)

Aug 02 -◦ Friday
Waffle (Breakfast)
Leftover (Lunch)
Roast Over Mash Poatoes (Dinner)

Aug 03 -◦ Saturday
Pancakes (Breakfast)
Leftover (Lunch)
Ham (Dinner)

Aug 04 -◦ Sunday
Cereal (Breakfast)
Leftover (Lunch)
Leftovers (Dinner)

What are you cooking this Week!?

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