Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Gardening tip- Getting rid of Ants

What I need to use to get rid of the ants
I have been researching how to get rid of ants. They are all in my garden, and not just a few I have three different species in each garden box. I'm so annoyed with them because they are protecting the aphids that are killing my plants!
Sprinkle cininmon
One thing I read was cinnamon is a smell ants don't like. Ok I though this could be crazy information. I tried it, and they ran. It was the best thing I ever saw in my garden (don't forget I have been pray the would go away for 3 months). 
I only had enough to do two box. I did my corn box and potato. I went back today there was only one species in the two boxes. That seem to help. 

Spary soap
The next thing I read about was soap and water mixture. This work because the ants don't like the soap water and the water kills the aphids that are living on the plants. I used 1 bottle of water and 1 tbsp of soap.

I decided if could chase the ant away long enough to kill the aphids, then they wouldn't have a reason to come back. This morning I decide to give it a try! Here homing it works and I won't have ants in the garden.

What do you do with bugs? Are you an organic gardener? If so do you have any tips?

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