Thursday, March 14, 2013

Daily goals- March 14, 2013

Last night was a lazy night I grab dinner at Red Robin. Then Cass and I laid in bed watching watching Body of Proof. Hubby was up cleaning the house. I kind of felt bad but I was so tired and I decided to take the night off.
Today's goals
1. Look up pin on pinstrest that I pinned that has a few ideas for hubby- Tomorrow is our seven year anniversary. So I wanted to look upseven cute little ideas
2. Set up Cass Patty's day gifts-My little one is 75% Irish so he loves celebrating this holiday with you little Present
3. Library- One of my little ones has been reading class and I need to renew both of my library books
4. Make dinner- Today going to make a chicken with pasta for dinner
5. Clean up boss's house-do you wash bathroom and vacuum

Today is my Friday even though it's Thursday. This weekend I wanted to finish straightening up my house and get everything organized back to normal.

What are your daily goals?

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