Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Day 5 of Learn To Rise Early in 30 Days

Good Morning Siri

I really like today’s passage. It is a challenge and you might not always win. I think this make us feel normal, that getting up early is hard.  Knowing Andy doesn’t expected us to always win, make me feel better when I have trouble.
It was hard getting up today, because Skipper and hubby both were cuddling with me.  Think tomorrow will be easier because hubby has to get up by 4:50am to get to work. I won’t be alone when I get up, but I will have alone time after he leaves.
Did I talk to Siri? Yes, I said “really?”, when she went off. Then I told her it wasn’t fair. Looking an alarm clock and complaining made me feel stupid, so I got out of bed.
The action for today is to but my feet on the ground in 1st ten second; I found that hard to do. I can give you many reasons, I have to put my contacts in, or I have to move dog to get out f bed. But really I think I need the ten minutes to get out of bed. It is me personally and it seems to work.
Action for tomorrow is not to have cream in my coffee; I cannot see that happen either. The only reason I like coffee is the cream.
How do you get out of bed? Can you just jump up and move? Or do you need a few mutes to wake up?
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