Monday, March 4, 2013

Garden Tips - Mulch with Compost

I have started to read 101 Organic Gardening Tips [Kindle Edition] . It is full with great tips and ideas.
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One of them is mulching with compost.
~ After reading this tip and some of the book, I'm not going to mulch or lay plastic down. I'm going to weed, the reason being you cut out the good bugs food. By mulching with compost you will attracted those bugs, because you are giving them a food source.
~ If you use compost instead of fertilizer it reduces the chances of you burning your plant's roots.

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How to mulch with compost? That easy you mulch on top of the soil, like you would with regular mulch. By mulching on top the rain after will natural bring the compost to the plants roots and your not messing up your plants roots by digging them up.

How do you fertilize your plants? Any good gardening tips, let me know.

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