Thursday, March 7, 2013

Kids Korner - making octopus

We had a blast making handprint octopuses.


Materials you need;
Blue paper - make a wave top
Green paper- cut in to sea weed (make wave 1 in strips)
Orange paper - cut into fish
Purple paint
Black marker

Glue the fish and sea weed on

Count the fish and sea weed. Have the little ones glue them on to their blue paper.

Paint the palm and 4 fingers

Then paint the palm for the little ones hands! My little ones love this part the most. They laugh and giggle the whole time.

Turn paper upside down and stamp 

Then stamp it in the paper, but make sure the paper is upside down! The little ones love this.
What are you doing to with your little ones? Hope you are having fun with them!

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