Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Gardening tip- planting tomatoes

I have learned a lot about planting tomatoes from reading books and other people's blogs.
Here is what I do when I plant tomatoes. I dig the hole 2 inch deeper than then the whole tomato plant. Ok I know you are thinking I'm crazy. Here is why;
In the hole I put
1 peal of banana skin
1 aspirin
1 egg shell crunched.
Cover it with 1 inch of dirt and then put the whole plant in the hope and cover it up.
There should only be about 1-2 inch of the tomato plant showing.
By planting my tomato plants this way my tomatoes have fresh fertilizer all season long. Also by planting my most of my tomato plant I'm giving it a great root system.
How do you plant your tomatoes?

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