Sunday, March 3, 2013

Daily Goals- Sunday, March 3, 2013

Yesterday was a good day. I got all my wash done, picked up the livingroom and knocked out the dishes. I did not get into the garden. I also did not get a chance to plant ay seeds. I did trade my little brother for food. (if you don't read all my post, I coupon and try to save money on food) He gave me 6 packs of chicken thighs for 2 box of cereal. The chicken is enough to have meat with our dinner 12 times. His little ones were excited to have Scooby Doo cereal. How did your day go?

Today's Goals
1. Finish the kitchen- It looks so much better with the dishes done and the counter clean. Now time to do the floor.
2. Go to Walmart and get the newspaper- I have to get my coupons, I normal grab 4 paper. By getting them at Walmart I save a $1 because the are $.25  cheaper there.
3. Plant my seeds- Im ging to plant my cold crop and the put them in my green house. Hopeful they will not freeze.
4. Walk Skipper- He loved the walk yeaterday, and we made it to the police station. I want  walk that for a week, then add on.
5. Enjoy some hubby time- Hubby is suppose to get home from Drill today, I can't wait. He had to a day earlier for this Drill.

I have a lot of things to get done to day. I hoping to be mostly done when hubby walks in he door! Hope you have a wonderful day.

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