Monday, March 4, 2013

Day 4 of Learn To Rise Early in 30 Days

Good Morning Siri

Alarm went off at 5am; I had to think about why I'm getting up early a few times before pulling myself out of bed. It was easier this morning than yesterday. The hardest part was seeing the dog and hubby still asleep in the bed. I am getting more thing done and working hard at them since I have been getting up early.

Did I talk to Siri? ~ Of course I did! I asked her why I am getting up so early. She didn’t' answer me back, but I know the answer to have time doing my blog, and walking my sleepy little friend every morning without losing family time.

I ended up not buying slippers, the one below are only a month old, but a little dirt. Into the wash with them, and now they are as good as new.

My Slipper

Andy Steps to getting up early
1. Read something good for you ~ I have been, I'm reading 101 Organic Gardening Tips [Kindle Edition].
2. Go to bed early ~ Did that in bed by 10:30pm. Yes that early I was in the last few months going to bed at 11:30-12.
3. Be nice to Siri~ I was this morning.
4. Get out of bed in the 1st ten seconds~ I'm going to have to try this! I guess sitting in bed think about why I'm get up doesn't count.
5. Have something planed~ I can do this; I have my blog ideas by the computer. I also can have my coffee made in the morning!

Ok I did it, I was up early! How are you doing on getting up early?

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