Saturday, March 2, 2013

Daily Goals- Saturday, March 2, 2013

I have started the early morning challenge. It seems to be working, I don't feel rushed and feel like I got a lot done. I worked on today's post. I haven't turned on the tv or looked at my emails. That is the hardest part of the goal. I'm sticking with it, I want to have time to blog, but not lose family time. Skipper has giving me the stink eye though, I guess he not on board yet. Lol
Today's goals
1. Take Skipper for a walk- maybe he won't be giving the stink eye in the morning, if he gets something out of it.
2. Clean the kitchen- a bomb has gone off in it.
3. Delete pictures in my phone- I'm up to 450 picture isn't that crazy. I also want to look into Instagram. It might be another way to get my name out there.
4. Call Adiu and check there price on pineapples- Cass ate the dried ones I made, like they were going out of style and if I can get them for under a $1 I'll buy more.
5. Read for 1/2 Gone Girl.

What are you goals today? Did you stay one goals yesterday. I did for the most part, but was a little with my nephew. But I loved having him and would take him anytime. He is sooo adorable. :) Have a wonderful day!

Don't you love the mommy get off you iPad and let go bad to sleep look? He the reason getting out of bed is so hard!

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