Saturday, March 23, 2013

Gardening- Preparing Potato seed for planting

Red Potato seeds, Purple Potato seeds, and Yukon Gold Potato seeds
I went to Lowes yesterday and decide that I was just going to buy my seeds there. I got Red Potato seeds, purple potato seeds, and Yukon Gold Potato seeds for $3.97 a bag.

Red Potato Seeds cut up
I pick out 1/2 the seeds from each bag, and start to cut up the potato seeds. I'm saving the rest of the seeds, that way I can plant them in my potato bags.

Purple Potato Seeds
The way you do it is you cut the eyes into chunks.

Yukon Gold Potato Seeds
Every chuck should have at least one eye. I also try to keep them about one inch or bigger.

Ready to plant

Are you planting potatoes this year? How do you start your potatoes? 

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