Saturday, March 30, 2013

Daily Goals- March 30th, 2012

Yesterday was a nice day, I just pretty much sat around and read the end of my book. Cass and I did plant our Easter gifts and hung out about that watching TV.

Daily Goals
1. Dishes and clean bathroom or what I can. - we are still working on finishing the bathroom. So we are doing what we can.
2. Errands- run to the bank, dollar store, fruit stand, and Walmart. I don't need much but a little from everywhere.
3. Work on harden plants. Today is day two with cold crops in the green house. I will have them in there from 12-6. This gives them time to get us to it.
4. Hopeful get to clean up the basement where my plants were. And start planting the plants I'm behind on.
5. Make dinner and have it ready for when hubby gets home.

I have a lot to do. What are you doing today?

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