Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Planting Chamomile

Seed Packet

Monday night, I got to plant my chamomile seeds. I am plant them for my hubby. He has a lot of trouble sleeping. I am hoping they will help him sleep.

Plant indoor date
Day to Germinate
Depth to Sow
Seed Spacing
Final Spacing
Growth Height
March 4h
¼ in
15 in
3 ft.

I decide that I am going to plant them in the Driveway Garden box, with equinacea, Swiss chard, and lettuce. I can't wait for the box, to be filled.

Tiny Chamomile Seeds

This seeds are so tiny, it is so weird to think this will grow into huge plants. My chamomile will stay inside until last day of frost then I will put it in the greenhouse to harden them.

Look at the little seeds (like brown specks)

I didn't put soil on the seeds, I just pushed them down and sprayed them with a water bottle.

By the grow light

I can't wait to see seeds sprout. I get so excited every time a seeds comes up. :) Hubby thinks I'm crazy, but he loves it.
What a you planting in your garden?

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