Monday, March 18, 2013

I got in one of my Tree orders

I order several trees this year. You can read about what I ordered in The tree orders are place.

My order from 4 season nursery

On Saturday, My trees came in the mail; I was so excited and disappointed at the post office. I was excited because the tree final came and hubby has told me he isn't planting them. Disappointed because the bag was ripped and so was my potatoes bag too.
My trees soaking for 18 hours in the bathroom
The first thing I did was put them in water for 18 hours to wake them up.
Starting to bud
It did wake them up; my cherry bushes start to bud.
Filled to the first line
After that I both up my clean 15’’ wide pot. This is going to be there home until they go outside. I filled the bucket up to the first line with soil. This gives the roots something to grow in while they wait to be planted outside.
Trees add to dirt
Then I add the trees to the pot the Paw Paw on the left and my cherry bushes on the right.

I sepated the roots
I speared out the roots so they were not touching. I know that when we go to plant them they might be tangled. I didn’t want 11 little pots in the house; we really don’t have the room for that.
Filled it up to the second line with dirt
I then added soil and filled the pot up to the top ring.

Added rest of soaking water
I added the rest of the water to the pot, my pots are the type that will whole the water at the bottom until the plant needs it.  

Hang out in the bathroom

They are hanging out in the bathroom right now, because they were getting great sun. I really need a heat green house!   What did you get done in the garden today?

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