Sunday, March 3, 2013

Planting Mesclun

Today I am planning Mesclun, which is a lettuce seed mix. I saw the red lettuce in the store, and decided I wanted it.

Plant indoor date
Day to Germinate
Depth to Sow
Seed Spacing
Final Spacing
March 3rd
¼ in
4-5 in
12 in

The seed packet has a mixture of seeds; I will not be able to keep the seeds. They will cross pollinate with each other. I have decided that I am going to put them in 2 big pots that Hubby bought for me, with my carrots. They will stay on the deck.

Mesclun Seed Packed
I am going to start them in pots in my greenhouse. This will give me more room in the basement and they are cold weather crops so they should be able to handle it. Right?

All seeds look good
I end up puttine a pinch in each cell, The will be transplanted into a big pot so I think there will be enough room. Hopeful I'm right.

Pinch of different seeds in each cell
I cannot wait to eat them in my salad! What are you growing? Join me on Facebook at PA Gardeners and update us on your garden advantages!


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