Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Day 12 of the Early To Rise: Learn To Rise Early in 30 Days

Early To Rise: Learn To Rise Early in 30 Days
I am still working though my book. This weekend, I didn't focus on it because we are still trying to finish redoing our bathroom. They were long hard days, so getting up early was not as important as sleeping in, so I wasn't cranky. Personal note- Don't redo bathroom while the house has 4 kids in it.

Today Andy talked about not going with the flow. That is something I knowI do so much. I am so busy trying to do so much. Being a working mom and trying to run a house, family, garden, blog and work. It is crazy and you never feel like you are never doing a great job.

5:20- 5:40 Wake up ~I do better if I spend sometime getting up
5:45-6 - wash load in washer and in dryer
6:05-6:20 break one
6:20-6:45 Blogging
6:50-7- get ready for work, pack dinner items get dress
7-7:15 - feed pet make breakfast
7:15-8 drive to work
8-8:30 get little one dress
8:30-9 feed breakfast
9-9:30 get clean up
9:30-10 learning time
10-10:30 go to mall for kids activity
10:30-11:30 mall activity
11:30-11:45 meet other mother and take her kid
11:45-12 - hit aldi's for fruit
12:00-12:30- drive kid home
12:30-12:45- make lunch
12;45-1:30- eat lunch
1:30-2 play board game, clean up
2:05-2:15- read stories to little ones
2:20-3:20 - make dinner while kids are sleeping
3:20-3:50 read
3:50-4 break?
4-4:30 kids get up diapers, bottle
4:30-5 play
5:00-5:25 feed dinner
5:25-5:30- clean up
5:30-6 dance party
6:00-6:15 review day with parents
6:15-7 drive home
7:00-:7:30 eat dinner with my family
7:30-8 take little one to dance
8-9 work on blog, while my daughter at dance
9-9:30 drive home
9:30-10:30 home and shower and time with hubby
10:30-11pm to 5:20am sleep

I have a busy day, Tuesdays are the hardest and right now I'm livig in a constuction zone so it is worst. How did you do today? What are you plans? Can you get 3 15min breaks in your day?

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