Friday, March 1, 2013

Gardening Goals For 2013 ~ update

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Gardening Goals For 2013

1. Get more Chicks- Sell their eggs to make back the feed money!  ~ I have talked to my Aunt and we have decided we will take all her chickens that hatch. (only female) We are looking around May to get more! I can't wait.

2. Grow a 1,000 lbs. of food- I want to be able t say my garden with feed me and my family! I watch a blogger grow 2,000 lbs. so it is doable, but I think 1,000 for this year because I’m a weekend gardener! ~ I have started many indoor seeds! I'm so lucky to have an amazing man that helps me make my goals. He has surpised me with may seeds this year to help me make my goal!

3. Get Bees- Hubby and I have talked about bees and the benefits to have them. Their honey, beeswax, and they will pollinate the garden. Honey bees are a struggling to live because of people killing them with pesticides but we need them to take care of our plants and flowers! ~ We have looked into classes, but we cant make any of them. :( We also have gotten many books on them. I am going to start to read soon. Hubby bought a blueprint to make the beehive. I can't wait to get our bees!

4. Plant more Trees- I’m going to get 2 peach trees from my aunt, I put away $100 for 2 orange trees, and a pear. I’m also going to join the Arbor Foundation and get 10 trees for $10. ~ I place my order for my trees. I got 17 trees all together! Read about it in Tree Orders Are placed! We are expecting them in May.

5. Plant a new fruit- I have told hubby that I want different types of fruit bushes around the house. Fruit is so expensive, and if I can provide my family with flirt it is less money in the end I pay for! Last year I put in two blueberry bushes. This year I would like to put in 2 pink lemonade bushes. That gives me 5 blueberry bushes; I think that would be enough for my little one. ~ I have put the money aside for pink lemonade blueberry bushes. I will get them when they come into the stores. 
What are your garden goals for this year coming a long? Come and follow me on mine! Join me on Facebook at Pa Gardeners.

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