Sunday, March 3, 2013

Gardening Tip- Worms

I have been reading 101 Organic Gardening Tips [Kindle Edition] in the morning or at night before I go to bed. It is full of amazing ideas on how to grow a gardening more organically.

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One idea is to have worms in your garden. Now I know worm are great for the garden and hubby always add his left over fishing worms into my garden. Do you know why they are so good for the garden? Here is why;
-they leave worm casting,which is organic compost made up of compost and soil. The worm casting is a great soil conditioner, because the root of the plants can use it easly.
- they aerate the soil. Did you know a worm can push 50 time it weight, I didn't. They are going around the soil making tunnels and eating and leaving casting. Then our plants roots are growing in that area, make there home.

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Now we know what the worms can do how do we get them in our garden?
That's easy add shred newspaper to the soil, and organic compost. The worm will be happy because you provided them with food!

How this garden tip helped! Happy gardening. Let me know any tips you have for gardening.

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