Sunday, March 3, 2013

Weekly Lesson Plans ~ Letter Oo

Every week I focus on a letter. We learn the letter, how to sign the letter, and the noise the letter makes in a fun and playful way. Our experiences thought the week also have the letter in it. Come join us with the letter O. 

I will also put pages that help with worksheet on the letter and the fun videos of the week. I am not a believer that children should watch TV, but the get 10 minutes of educational movies while I get lunch together.  It is safer for everyone this way. I have 3 children all under the age of 3.  
Sesame Street Letter O
Signing the ABC
Shape Song 2
  • Count to 4 in English and Spanish (while doing the calendar) - this is a daily thing with the date.
  • Introduce the letter Oo.  Learn how to sign it
  • Make an O cut out and draw O works on it
  • Make Octopus out of our handprints
  • Make Orange Juice
  • Sign the “O song” ~ Daily thing this week with the calendar
  • Make Orange out of paper
  • Talk about weather ( we are expecting snow)
  • Make Snowflake if snowing – if raining make rain drops
  • Make a Shape paper – using octagons and ovals
  • Work on directions – open/closed, on/off, and over/under with a box and a teddy bear
  • Sign and sign “The Days of the Week
I have little kids and sitting for away doesn’t always happen. I break up my learning time into 10 minute times.  

Throughout the week I will be using our Ocean Animals Tot-Book - we will use at different times of the day.

What are you planning on teaching your little ones today? Check back throughout the week for directions on how to make the projects.


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