Saturday, March 23, 2013

Gardening- Planting My Garden Box 1

Today I got a chance to get outside and plant my Garden Box 1, this box will have potatoes in it. Last year it had lettuce and califlower in it.

Tilling up the gound in garden box 1
Frist thing I did was till the box. By tilling, I was breaking up the ground for the potatoes.

All tilled
I till all of the box but a small corner, which have strawberries in it waiting to find a new home.

I love my bulb plant tool
I use my bulb planting tool, to make a 3 inch hole. I love this tool for the potatoes because it removes that dirt from the area and there is not dirt trying to fall in the hole.

The eye peaking out
Then I put the cutting of the potato in the hole making sure the eye was facing up. Click here to see how I prepared the potatoes for this box.

Cover the potato
I covered the potatoes with the dirt around the hole.

Covered flat to the ground
When the ground was flat, add the dirt from the bulb tool.

Putting the dirt on top
I did this to make a mount where the potato seed was. I will be doing this all thought the season. I did not have compost ready for this so I will end up side dressing them with in the up coming weeks, when I side dress all my annuals.

Whole box Planted!

I plan on planting potatoes in potato garden bags after the last frost too. My family love potatoes and eats them all the time!

Are you planting Potatoes this year?

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