Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Daily goals- Tuesday March at 2013

Last night was exciting I got home and we decided tap our maple trees. Friday's going to be long we are going be cooking down maple syrup to get sweet maple syrup. I can't wait!

Today's goals
1. Work from 8 AM until 6 PM
2. Clean car -Clean out the front two seats in the car and wipe down the dashboard
3. Call mom-get the number for her orthodontist this place so I can get a second opinion on my teeth
4. Call dad-find out what he wants to do for invitations for mom's party invitations need to go out this weekend
5. Plant- Plan my two kind of mustard seed for my driveway garden box and my fire pit garden box.

Yesterday ended up being a very busy day when we decided to tap our maple trees but I'm so excited.
What did you do yesterday? Have a wonderful day!

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