Monday, March 25, 2013

Day 25 of Learn To Rise Early in 30 Days

Today I end up getting up around 7am. I knew I had off today and was alone all day today. I made breakfast for my little one and put her one the bus. I love Monday mornings, because me and Cass get one on one time.

Andy Action Tip~ Tell people you are getting up early.
I try to get up early and know that when I do it effects my life in positive ways. I get time to blog and enjoy my blogging with out cutting off time with my family. On days I work I like t be up by 5am, and days I'm off around 7am. This gives me time to work without bothering anyone.

The 5 people I'm telling
1. Hubby
2. You guys
3. My mother
4. My boss
5. My best friend

Who are you sharing your journey with? 
Early To Rise: Learn To Rise Early in 30 Days

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