Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Day 6 Learn To Rise Early in 30 Days

Today was my hardest day! My alarm was set and hubby even got up, but I just couldn't pull myself out of bed until 6am. As I laid in bed, I start to yell at myself, I can't believe you didn't get up, you not going to have enough done. I start to feel bad, then I stop and thought of what I saw on the Katie show yesterday. Super Mom that us stuff to keep going. I stopped yelling at myself and said, ok 6am is early. I have 1 hour to get out the door, what do I need to get done.

Yes getting up early and having time to blog and pre-post my stuff is great. It is no reason to beat myself up. I will try to get up early and my stuff done, but honestly if I don't 5 blog post up and 5 Facebook post, will it really hurt.

I got out of bed, feed my dog, cat, and chicks, bought in my eggs, Prepped dinner, bought up everything for dinner for tomorrow, and put away the wash on the couch. Then made one post and made breakfast and when out the door. Yes, things run smoother when I get up early and I feel like I got more done, but I am not a super hero.

Did I talk to Siri this morning? Yes, I told her it is rainy and windy out and I want to sleep.

Andy message for the day, made me really think. No one wake up early if I do. My daughter get up by 6:30am and goes right into the shower. If hubby get up to go to work, he is out the door in 30mins. Therefore morning time is the best time for me to get quiet time. I your family does get up when they hear you moving won't it make sense to get alone time at night aft everyone is in bed?

Did you drink your coffee black this morning? I didn't but I am out of creamer, if I don't remember to grab it out of the freezer it will be black tomorrow.

How did you do this morning? Did you get up?

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