Monday, March 4, 2013

Update and Planting more Equinacea

Today I counted my Equinacea Spouts. Theywere planted over 31 days ago and there are only 3 seedlings. This makes me so sad, because I want to plant at least 6 in the garden this year. I want to plant them for medical use.

Equinacea Planted on 2/3/13
Therefore I decided to plant some more seeds, that way I can get the six that I want. Now watch tomorrow mornung they all will spout.

Plant indoor date
Day to Germinate
Depth to Sow
Seed Spacing
Final Spacing
Growth Height
March 3rd
February 3th
14-21 days
¼ in
4-5 in
24 in
3 ft.

I only have the seeds, that I planted first. I thought about buying more seed, but hubby would kill me because I spent $10 at Dollar Tree on bulbs. (more on that later great price and good reason).

Seed Packet
This time I checked the seeds, very carefully to make sure they were moldy or anything like that. Nope the seeds look good. Maybe it was the soil mix, or the basement being to cold. I am not sure but lets give this another try!

All Equinacea seeds look a good
I decided to put 3 in each cell. I gives me a 33% chance one might grow. Then the got misted with the water bottle and overed with their lid. Back under the lights.

Equinacea Seeds 3 each cell

Did you plant Equinacea? If you did, did all your seeds come up? Do you have any tips on why mine did? I would love to hear them!

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