Friday, March 1, 2013

Reading Goals~ Books I'm reading now

One of My Goals for 2013 is to read 24 books, I have already read 3 books so I have 21 more books to go. I am right now reading 3 books. I read at different times. Here are the books that made my list for this week.
101 Organic Gardening Tips
101 Organic Gardening Tips [Kindle Edition]
I'm reading this book in the morning. This book is a nonfiction book, that helps gardeners gardening better. I have gotten may tip from it. I got this book free, I post all my finds of free garden post. If you want update on free gardening books follow me on PAGardeners on Facebook.
Early To Rise: Learn To Rise Early in 30 Days
Early To Rise: Learn To Rise Early in 30 Days [Kindle Edition]
I am reading this book by listening to it in the car ride home. I listen to the day before. I am blogging a long with Crystal from Money Saving Mom. Please fill free to join me this month on getting up early! I did pay $4.99 for this book, but it seem very helpful to my personal goals.
Gone Girl: A Novel
Gone Girl: A Novel [Kindle Edition]
I hear about this book, on the radio and I decided I want to read it. At naptime everyday, before I do anything. I'm ging to take 15 minutes to read. I am also going to take 10 minutes evveryday with the kids and bring back silent reading. I think this is very imporant to a child to see adults reading and reading book. So we all will read together silently after I read to them. Thisbook I got free from the library. :)

Now I will update you on the books, thoughout the time it takes me to read them. You can find updates from 101 Organic Gardening Tips on my gardening tips. I will let you know some amazing tips I learn from this post. You can find my updates from Early To Rise: Learn To Rise Early in 30 Days on my daily Blogging on it. I will update you weekly (if it takes that long to read) on Gone Girl.

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