Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Gardening~ planting peas

Monday, I had sometime to do some planting and got to plant some seeds outside.
My peas and my cage for peas

When I plant my personal peas, I plant them outside. I think I get better growth if seeds as just planted in the ground. I also plant peas outside as soon as the ground is workable and it has been in the 50* outside for a week straight.
To plant my seeds I but my cage into the ground and held it in place with garden staples.
After that I plant to seed plant in a hole about 1/2 inch deep and coved the with soil.
I planted my peas around the cage
I didn't water my pea seeds, because I knew it was going to rain. I am trying not to over water my plants. The more and more I read it is better for the plant if it is only watered 1 inch a week. It helps the plants roots grow deeper. This will be the first year I am trying this, I use to water my garden everyday. 
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